Somerset House


The Adonyeva Foundation is delighted to be working closely with Somerset House and is supporting a rich and varied programme of commissions as part of the Somerset House Studios programme.

Somerset House is a new kind of arts centre, where contemporary culture is imagined, made and experienced in a remarkable historic setting. In 2016 Somerset House Studios was opened in what were formally Inland Revenue offices, providing affordable workspace and access to a public platform for over one hundred interdisciplinary artists. The Somerset House Studios artist community is driven by bold ideas, new technologies and the desire to engage with urgent issues.

With The Adonyeva Foundation’s support, Somerset House is able to develop an ambitious commissioning programme. This will give artists career changing opportunities, embed the work of Somerset House Studios artists across Somerset House’s wider cultural programme, encourage experimentation and give audiences more opportunities to experience new work by resident artists.

Get Up, Stand Up, Now

A major exhibition celebrating the past 50 years of Black creativity in Britain and beyond. Starting with the radical Black filmmaker Horace Ové and his circle of Windrush generation creative peers and extending to brilliant young Black talent globally, a group of 110 interdisciplinary artists showcase their work for the first time, exploring Black experience and influence from post-war to today.

Photo credit: Peter Macdiarmid x Somerset House Trust

Curated in conjunction with Professor Sarah Cook, this Autumn Somerset House presents 24/7, a landmark exhibition examining our inability to switch off from our 24/7 culture, through a series of immersive works from over 50 of today’s most exciting global artists. This exhibition takes visitors on a 24-hour cycle from dawn to dusk through interactive installations and interrogations. It holds a mirror up to society where complex systems are exerting control, causing us to sleep less and disrupting our instincts to daydream and pay attention to the world around us, and each other.

Photo credit: Alan Warbuton

Assembly by Christian Marclay

For Somerset House Studio’s second Assembly season, resident Artist Christian Marclay will curate a series of intimate musical performances, responding to the sounds and acoustics of the street outside the former Inland Revenue building. Pedestrians, traffic, roadworks, protests, the corner of Somerset House where Waterloo Bridge meet Embankment is a hive of often unpredictable activity and noise. Acknowledging and working with these sounds to define a compositional framework, Marclay will invite a series of guests to collaborate in bringing the outdoors inside for an evolving series of electro-acoustic performances.

Photo credit: Anne Tetzlaff x Somerset House Trust
Multigraph 023 – Larry Achiampong by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard

Currently on display as part of our the ongoing Get Up, Stand Up Now exhibition, Multigraph 023 – Larry Achiampong is a commissioned piece by Somerset House Resident Artists Iain & Jane.

The Multigraph makes use of a fascinating Victorian photography mirror device which allows a subject to be captured from five different perspectives in a single exposure. Featuring fellow resident Artist, Larry Achiampong, the multigraph can be viewed on the North facing Strand façade for the remainder of the exhibition.

Photo Credit: Somerset House